Grill No. 406 – english

Grill No. 406

As an educated builder of tile stoves and designer it took me three years to realize my ideas about a real good barbecue.
It was supposed to fulfill the following requirements:

  • aesthetic and timeless design

    charcoal grill No. 406
    charcoal grill No. 406
  • easy handling
  • various ranges of temperature for actually grilling and cooking
  • high grade and harmless (as far as health is concerned) materials
  • environmantal balance as a cause of own and local manufacture
  • exclusive production following the wishes and ideas of my customers

After building and testing various prototypes for some years the No. 406 was ready for production in 2013. By now it is completely handcrafted in my own small manufacture.

The iron casting bowl – the core of the grill- is manually casted as well in a Sauerland foundry.
With every casting the mould is treated with a parting compound by which every grill gets its own unique structure which makes every piece a single copy.
Of course the barbecue was thoroughly tested concerning functionality and handling during the whole developmental period.
With the 406 grilling is not being revolutionized…….the idea was just to connect various compounds to mix business with pleasure.

Barbeclou - stainless steelIn spite of its measures and its weight the No. 406 is not a big barbecue- it’s a barbecue with space. An elementary benefit is the relocatability of the grillages.

Due to its design all the elements of the No. 406 are placed within the iron bowl to arise as a result various options for hanging it up or fitting it in.

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